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Katrin Fellner
Psychology, Education & Web Development

In 2015, I established my own business - specialised in trainings, suitability diagnostics, development centers and, more recently, responsive web development.

Since 2018, I am part of the assessment-team of the Institute of Applied Media Studies IAM in Winterthur (student selection for the bachelor degree programme Journalism and Organisational Communication) and since 2022 I am happy to contribute to the management diagnostic for Jörg Lienert AG in Lucerne.

As a network partner of Netzwerk Kadertraining GmbH, I designed, organized and conducted assessment trainings for job-seeking managers between 2015 and 2020. Furthermore, I gave advice on the quality of psychological diagnostics and was responsible for coordinating with universities.

In 2019, my book Moderne Personalauswahl (Modern Employee Selection) was published.

My professional interests have expanded: In 2021, I started designing and building websites and applications. See my portfolio.